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Historical Data: Livingston Survey

Documentation: Please see the documentation PDF for the survey before working with the data.

Forecasts for Levels:
Surveys June 2004 – present

Forecasts for Levels:
Surveys prior to 2004

Forecasts for Growth Rates: All Surveys

Cross-Sectional Forecast Dispersion: All Surveys

Alternative Base Values for Computing Growth Rates

An alternative file Excel spreadsheet of quarterly base values for real and nominal GDP (GNP in surveys before 1996) is available. The file shows the historical values as the Bureau of Economic Analysis revised them after we sent the questionnaire to the panelists but before the deadline for returns. The quarterly values are for the quarter before the quarter in which we conducted the survey (Q1 values for a June survey; Q3 values for a December survey).

Discontinued Series

Stock Price Index (1952 to 1990):

Note: "Discontinued series" are not part of the official Livingston Survey data set and may contain errors. The Philadelphia Fed no longer maintains these series.

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