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Managing Consumer Relations at TransUnion

An important part of the Payment Cards Center's mission is to examine critical issues affecting the payment cards industry from a variety of relevant perspectives. This means not only focusing on industry concerns or the theoretical economic models developed by researchers but also the real day-to-day experiences encountered by consumers.

Toward that end, the Center arranged a trip to TransUnion's Consumer Relations Center outside Philadelphia. On October 16, 2002, a group of professionals from the Philadelphia Fed with particular interests in consumer financial issues went to the TransUnion facility for a series of presentations and a tour of operations. The presentations covered a wide range of issues encountered by consumers in interpreting credit report information, correcting errors on reports, and dealing with the consequences of identity theft and other fraudulent activities. Our hosts described processes used to assist consumers, ensure compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act, and deal with attempts to abuse or compromise the system. The Payment Cards Center is grateful to TransUnion, one of the leading credit reporting agencies, for the opportunity to visit its facility.