Workshops and Seminars

The Consumer Finance Institute hosts in-house workshops and research seminars during which invited guests lead discussions on a variety of consumer finance and payments topics to inform Bank staff and Federal Reserve System colleagues.


Who Bears the Welfare Costs of Monopoly? The Case of the Credit Card Industry

April 2019

  • Kyle Herkenhoff, Assistant Professor of Economics
    University of Minnesota

The Effect of State Funding for Postsecondary Education on Long-Run Student Outcomes

April 2019

  • Rajashri Chakrabarti, Senior Economist
    Federal Reserve Bank of New York

The Validation of Machine Learning Models for the Stress Testing of Credit Risk*

April 2019

  • Michael Jacobs Jr., Lead Quantitative Analytics and Modeling Expert PNC
*Co-organized with the Supervisory Research Forum

The Effects of Bonuses on the Demand for Auto Loans and the Long-Term Consequences

March 2019

  • Zhenling Jiang, Ph.D. Candidate in Marketing
    Washington University in St. Louis

Lending Circles: A Story of Progress, Strong Ties to Community, and New Paths to Financial Empowerment

February 2019

Discussion Paper 

  • José A. Quiñonez, Chief Executive Officer
    Mission Asset Fund

Sustained Credit Card Borrowing

February 2019

  • Daniel Grodzicki, Assistant Professor of Economics
    The Pennsylvania State University


Income-Driven Student Loan Repayment Options as Insurance

December 2018

  • Lesley Turner, Assistant Professor of Economics
    University of Maryland

Why Life-Cycle Investing for Retirement is Wrong (and Why Portfolio Managers Should Recommend It Anyway)

November 2018

  • Emma Rasiel, Professor of Economics
    Duke University

Barclaycard Ring: Using Online Communities to Build a Better Credit Card

November 2018

  • Paul Wilmore, Chief Marketing Officer
    Barclaycard US

On the Art and Science of Machine Learning Explanations
A Discussion with Practical Recommendations

October 2018

  • Patrick Hall, Senior Director of Product

Driving Transformation with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

September 2018

  • Adam Wenchel, Chief Executive Officer

The Option Value of Personal Bankruptcy over the Life Cycle

September 2018

  • Guozhong Zhu, Associate Professor
    University of Alberta

A Review of Wells Fargo's FICO For All Program

September 2018

  • Chris Feathers, Senior Vice President, Direct Marketing Manager
    Wells Fargo

Can the Unemployed Borrow? Implications for Public Insurance

August 2018

  • Kyle Herkenhoff, Assistant Professor of Economics
    University of Minnesota

The ACA Medicaid Expansion in Michigan and Financial Health

August 2018

  • Sarah Miller, Assistant Professor of Business Economics and Public Policy
    University of Michigan

Mortgage Characteristics and the Racial Incidence of Default

August 2018

  • Tom Mayock, Assistant Professor of Economics
    University of North Carolina at Charlotte

A Workshop on Recent Trends from the Visa Payment Panel Study

August 2018

Discussion Paper 

  • Michael Marx, Senior Director
    Visa Inc. Research Services

Creating a Comprehensive Income Dataset

May 2018

  • Bruce Meyer, McCormick Foundation Professor
    University of Chicago

The Effects of Ability, Uncertainty, and Debt on the Value of a College Degree

April 2018

  • Doug Webber, Associate Professor of Economics
    Temple University

Private Information and Price Regulation in the U.S. Credit Card Market

April 2018

  • Scott Nelson
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Preferential Treatment in Financial Contracts: Does Broker Race Affect Mortgage Prices?

March 2018

  • Brent Ambrose, Smeal Professor of Real Estate
    Pennsylvania State University

A Workshop on Pooling (Data) Assets to Learn about Debts

February 2018

  • Brian Bucks, Senior Economist
    Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

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