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The Community Development Studies and Education Department performs two primary functions: community development and economic education. The department's mission is to support the Federal Reserve System's economic growth objectives by promoting community development and fair and impartial access to credit.

We are committed to ensuring that more people in our region understand the financial system and what is available to them in terms of services and information. We provide high-quality economic education and community development tools, research, and programs that connect people to information and resources.

Community Development

Our community development staff works closely with financial institutions, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies to foster public-private partnerships that promote community revitalization and household financial stability. The department also assists financial institutions with understanding their responsibilities under the federal Community Reinvestment Act (CRA).

Economic Education

Our economic education staff provides free, high-quality resources designed to enhance understanding of the economy, the banking system, and personal finance. We accomplish this in two ways. One is to help K-12 teachers with training, lesson plans, and materials; the other is to distribute information about personal finance topics to the public.

Community Development Studies & Education Contacts

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