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Executive Leadership

President and Chief Executive Officer

Senior Staff

  • James D. Narron
    First Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
  • Michael Dotsey
    Executive Vice President, Director of Research, and Director of the Consumer Finance Institute and Financial Statistics
  • Larry Cordell
    Senior Vice President, RADAR Group, Supervision, Regulation, and Credit Department
  • Donna L. Franco
    Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
  • Terry E. Harris
    Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer
    Information Technology Services
  • Deborah L. Hayes
    Senior Vice President of Corporate Affairs
  • Mary Ann Hood
    Senior Vice President, Human Resources
    Director, Office of Diversity and Inclusion, and Law Enforcement
  • Robert M. Hunt
    Senior Vice President and Associate Director of the Consumer Finance Institute
  • Arun K. Jain
    Senior Vice President
    Financial Services and Facilities Management
  • Jeanne R. Rentezelas
    Senior Vice President and General Counsel
  • Michelle M. Scipione
    General Auditor and Senior Vice President
  • Keith Sill
    Senior Vice President of Research
    Director, Real-Time Data Research Center
  • Theresa Y. Singleton
    Senior Vice President and Community Affairs Officer
    Community Development and Regional Outreach
  • William G. Spaniel
    Senior Vice President and Lending Officer
    Supervision, Regulation, and Credit
  • Patricia A. Wilson
    Senior Vice President, Chief of Staff, and Corporate Secretary

Current Bank Officers

  • Last update: March 27, 2019