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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

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Directory of Contacts

General Information

Federal Reserve Consumer Help External Link

Savings Bonds and Treasury Securities

  • For questions about savings bonds, please visit Savings Bonds Direct External Link or call 1-800-553-2663.
  • For questions about Treasury securities, please visit Treasury Direct External Link or call 1-800-722-2678.

Account Executives

Audit Confirmation Requests

  • Fax: (215) 574-3924

Cash Services

Packaging requirements, posting of credit for cash deposits, special requests, and differences.

Community Development Studies and Education

Assists financial institutions, community representatives, and government officials to understand community economic development issues.

Contingency Planning

  • Business Continuity Staff E-mail
  • Phone: (215) 574-6612 or (215) 574-3785
  • Fax: (215) 574-3468
  • 24-Hour Depository Institution (DI) Hotline: (800) 869-0011

Credit & Risk Management

  • Discount Window: Contact staff with issues related to collateral requirements, outreach program, borrowing documents, and discount window loan requests.
  • Payment System Risk: Contact staff with issues related to payments system risk, collateral requirements, account balance monitoring system (ABMS), outreach program, clearing balances, mergers contact, and institution contact lists.
  • Reserve Requirements: Contact staff with issues related to reserve requirements, outreach program, overnight overdrafts, deficiencies, institution contact lists, and as of adjustments.

Financial Institutions Relations

Financial and Regulatory Reporting

Guidance on reporting requirements and related regulations.

Financial Management Services

Statement of account, billing statement, cash management reports, or any other accounting information.

Media Inquiries

Money in Motion Exhibit



Research Library

Current and historical information on interest rates and banking and economic issues.

  • Phone: (215) 574-6540

Speaker Requests

Treasury Services

Collateral Transactions

Treasury Collateral Management & Monitoring (TCMM)

  • TCMM Operations Support:
    (888) 568-7343
  • Last update: March 20, 2014